Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat Using Psiphon/G Kings

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    This plan which was designed for youtube only can now be powerd on all application using a VPN called syphon G kings or Phiphon VPN handler. Here is how to cong it.

    How to subscripe to Airtel Youtube Flex Plan

    1. Official syphon g kings link
    2. To Activate Airtel YouTube Flex Data
    3. Simply dial *141*4# and select from the pop up option on your screen
    4. Select 2 to activate the Monthly plan of 500MB for N200
    5. Now that you have activated the data package then you will be granted access to stream YouTube videos.
    Remember : Youtube uses more data on  streaming, 500MB may not even enough to watch a film on YouTube, since it's had enough validity period, I suggest you use it judiciously like browsing and chatting, that we really make thr data last longer

    Syphon Settings For Airtel YouTube Flex

    1. Tick Remove Por
    2. Proxy Type: Real Host
    3. Custom Header: X-Online-Host
    4. Proxy Server:
    5.  Real Proxy Type: Default
    6. Real Proxy Server:
    7. Real Proxy Port: 80 
    8. Select save and click on “tunnel whole device”.
    9. Click on the option tab
    10. Region: auto nigeria, USA {recommended}
    11. Then connect
    You can also enjoy it on your PC via tethering. Stay tuned for more here Like us on facebook @