How To Use XP Psiphon Latest Version Vpn Android App

    download xp psiphon vpn

    Xp Psiphon is a new VPN that comes with new features. In this article, you will learn how to use xp psiphon, Download xp psiphon vpn & how to use xp psiphon.


    1. Download xp psiphon v 6.0.0 latest apk 

    2. Download any of the cheats you need, either vodafone, etisalat, glo, tigo e.t.c

    3. You must have es file explorer or any file extention app. what do we need this for? 
    4. We need it to rename the (.doc) file to (.xp) 
    5. After renaming it, move it to xp psiphon on your phone file manager 

    6. Then open the xp psiphon and click on the red button with a plsu sign, then click on import, then choose xp psiphon and import the cheat you need, after that, u see import SUCCESSFUL.

    This is how to use xp psiphon android vpn latest version. 


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    1. The password 'success' is incorrect, what's the correct password?