Jul 11, 2017

5 incredible tricks the next iPhone might be able to do

Hello guys, we all know what Apple can do. With my latest research, i found out that apple is really making life easier with their latest phones and gadgets as well. Just imagine bringing an interactive storybook to life inside your child's bedroom. Aiming your phone's camera at the bed, you'll see a three-dimensional forest spring up from Little Joey's favorite blanket. When you move closer, you'll notice tiny critters living inside the virtual trees. This is the kind of technology Apple has been working on.

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Just last month, Apple introduced the world to ARKit. This software, using your phone's built-in camera and motion sensors, allows you to create augmented reality (AR) apps. In other words, you can place virtual objects in the physical world. All you need is an iOS device and knowledge of Unreal or Unity engine. It's like Pokémon Go or The Matrix, but better.

From a graceful robot that whirls around your dining room table to a virtual tape measure that calculates basic distance, it seems like this platform is going to push the envelope. According to Apple's keynote address, which you can watch below, the software can measure distances, identify surfaces, and accurately scale digital objects. You can check out the AR segment at the one hour and twenty-five-minute mark.

This makes me to think if most of the ARKit apps will be marvelous at first, like placing a computer-generated teacup atop your pooch's fluffy head. Once the novelty rubs off, you'll probably see a deluge of useful apps that'll impact people's lives in a more meaningful way. After all, AR is still pretty new.

ARKit will drop this fall along with the latest operating system (iOS 11). This platform is so intense, as it has amazing potential. Even though the software isn't available until the fall, Apple granted early access to a handful of developers, so we're starting to see little previews sooner than later.

Let us now take a look at some of the incredible and awesome tricks the next iphone might be able
to perform.

1. Erect a  structure of Mine-craft ;

Most of us love mine-craft where you can place blocks and go on adventures. I don't actually like the game that much the way my little brother does. Nevertheless, imagine coming face-to-face with a virtual Creeper. That will be incredibly scary.

2. Witness the Falcon 9 landing at the ASDS

 This demo is equally cool as it is hilarious. I mean, the faux moon dwarfs the real-life terrier. If that's not comedic gold, I don't know what is. Pooches aside, if you move closer to the moon, you'll see a pair of puny astronauts as well as a minuscule spaceship.

3. Measure the length of a golf club with this virtual tape measure

4. A dancing robot will pirouette

 Just watch that video above and tell me that isn't creepy . Wonderful dance steps to perfection and that can delight someone, and also it might scare the kids and cause some problems.

5. 4DAR ARkit unity

 This demo uses volumetric capture technology, which lets you walk around these three-dimensional basketball players and view them from any angle. When digital content fuses seamlessly with reality, that's when you know you're really pushing the boundaries of AR.

That's all for now, comment below let's see what you think about this new iPhone.

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  1. AdefolakeJuly 11, 2017

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