Galaxy Note 8: Leaked Specifications And Features

    Hello guys, the Samsung galaxy Note 8 leaked online , having originally been discovered yesterday. The Galaxy Note 8 will probably be the most expensive smartphone Samsung has ever released. The base model costs $1,000 which is N349,181 in Nigerian currency. What we think about the phone can be more than our expectation.
    SamsungvGalaxy Note 8 Specs

    In addition reports claim the Galaxy Note 8 will be equipped with a dual camera setup entailing two horizontally arranged imaging sensors and dual-LED falsh unit on its back panel. A well-known Weibo tipster first mentioned the Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition as a device that will have 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
    That’s as much RAM as some of the Note 8’s competitors and as much storage as Apple’s top iPhones. But thanks to microSDXC support, this Galaxy Note 8 might be the first Samsung phone in the world to support up to 512GB of storage.

    Given Samsung’s recent design choices for its current flagship handsets, there’s no reason to think microSD support will be omitted from the Galaxy Note 8. Of note, no iPhone on the planet supports 512GB of storage. Our hope is that this new Model of samsung wouldn't be like the Note 7 that was exploding massively.

    Features and Specs:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs
    One of the supposed features of the main camera module features on the Galaxy Note 8 is called Smart zoom, the leaked materials indicate. This function is described as a 3x optical zoom that's additionally enhanced with zooming solution capable of magnifying an image while preserving both its color and details.

    The iPhone 8 is expected to come in two storage configurations, 64GB and 256GB. When it comes to RAM, it’s likely the iPhone 8 will have at least as much RAM as the iPhone 7 Plus, which has 3GB of memory.

    The Galaxy Note 8's camera sensors will be able to capture more light, and the imaging system of the device will have cutting-edge HDR support and a Super Night Shot mode. The latter allows the device to capture a significantly larger volume of light in a given period compared to single-lens solutions, allowing for HD and clear night time photography.

    However, the “Galaxy Note 8 Emperor Edition” might not be available in all markets. SamMobile, quoting an OSEN report, says that Europe, North America, and South America will only get a $1,100 Galaxy Note 8 that’ll pack 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.
    All we know for sure right now is that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd in New York before hitting the market arround september as samsung officially confirmed.
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