How To Create A Post In Tabular Form in Blogger Blogspot

    Today i have something new to show you guys, just as you have seen the topic it is about how you can create a post in tabular form or format. It's not that hard to create your post in tabular format but it's something that needs a bit of exercise in HTML and as well as in CSS.
    How To; Create A Post In Tabular Form - Blogger

    Sometimes we might need our content to be organized systematically into a tabular form aligned properly into row and columns. We are aware that blogger/blogspot doesn't provide us with an option to create a table for our post. However, Microsoft Word has made things a lot flexible and easier that creating a table in your blogger post can never be a problem.

    Below I will show you step by step tutorial with images on how to create a post in tabular format in blogger.

    1. Download and install Microsoft word
    If you have the microsoft word already installed on your PC, immediately open it from the start menu. Also take note that any version of Microsoft Word is acceptable. However, in this tutorial the screenshots which i used, are from MS office word 2007.
    2. After opening Microsoft Word, you have to create a table and to do that....
    3. Go to 'insert' at the top left of your screen i.e after home.
    4. Choose 'table' and there you can select the number of rows and columns, which you want to see in your table.

    For example; If i choose 8 * 4 table then you have to select 8 rows and 4 columns as it can be seen in the following screenshot.

    Once the table is ready, you might want to give it a bit of cool and colorful look. You can do that by going to the 'design' tab and from there you can either apply the pre-designed styles or can create a new one of your own. It provides you a lot of options for customization so as to decide the best for you.
    5. After you have successfully created a table on MS Word, it's time to get the HTML code which you will be inserted into your posts.
    6. Now you have to save your document in .html extension and to do that read on.....
    7. Go to 'File' > 'save as'
    8.Now save it as 'Web page, Filtered' and press save button to conclude
    [ Save the file in a way that you can easily locate ]

     Now you have converted your table into an HTML web page
    9. Now go to the location where you save the document i.e HTML file of your table.
    10. Now select the file which you saved a few moments a go and right click on it, then press 'open with> Notepad'.

    How To Create A Post In Tabular Form on Blogger

    Final Step;

    • Copy all the HTML coding present in the Notepad. 
    • Now Go to 'blogger' and log in
    • Now create a new post editor which you copied a few moments ago. 
    • Ones everything is done press the publish button to finish the process and you're all good to go.
    Now you can visit your posts to see how it looks like and if it works or not. You can see a table I created with this my method by clicking here. You can let me know what you think about this wonderful technique.

    I hope this article has helped you on how to create a post in tabular form using Microsoft Word in blogger. If you have any better and easier ways of doing this, then let me know via the comment box below.