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    Not long ago MozillaFirefox company announced a couple of new tools for netizens as a part of Firefox’s Test Pilot Experiments in which you can share any file up to 1GB. However, Mozilla again added mind-blowing new features to its browser Firefox 55.

    Recently, Mozilla, the company behind the famous Firefox browser, has just announced a couple of new tools for netizens as a part of Firefox’s Test Pilot Experiments. One of the notable experiments is the ability to share any file up to 1GB. Isn't that insane?  Firefox’s new web-based file sharing interface can be accessed from any browser via The company is calling the system “Send” and it does exactly what its name says.

    However, Mozilla continues to fight in the browser segment and launched the new Firefox 55. According to the company itself, this latest version offers even better performance compared to the previous version (remember that Firefox 54 was the browser that consumed less Memory in Windows 10, MacOS and Linux) so imagine what this version 55 might offer.

    • Support for WebVR.s.
    Mozilla remains very active in the browser segment and has done everything to get Firefox back to being a true competitor to Chrome.
    • New installer icon
    • Several bug fixes, 
    • Superior performance 
    • New features in the address bar for the best search experience.
    With support for WebVR, Firefox is also the first browser for Desktop to give you the possibility to experiment with virtual reality projects, isn’t it good enough to attract more users.

    Firefox 55 is currently available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Download the new version of Firefox at the conclusion of this post and tell us the new changes you noticed via the comment box below.

    So, what do you think about this Mozilla Firefox 55? Is It good enough? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below. 

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