How To: Easily Make Your Own Unique QR Code

    QR code is a unique identifier that holds and stores information in a black and white version. It stores information easily like pictures, websites and identification cards. But most of us aren't aware of how to create our own QR code. So in this article, you will know steps on How to easily create or make your own unique QR code.

    There are various ways and website on how to create your own Qr code, but I will just brush you up with the best.
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    Using Google: 

     1: Simply go to

     2: Type the URL of your website or blog and click on Shorten URL button.

     3: Click on details you will get to see three menus like this below.
    • Analytics data
    • QR code{use this to create yours}
    • Hide url
    Google’s QR code generator is limited to encoding URLs only. So you cannot encode other information like contact information

     Using Kaywa QR Code

    Kaywa allows you to download your QR Code in different formats, E.g, PDF, PNG, and EPS. You can as well embed your code directly on a website by clicking the “Embed” button.


    Just enter your details. and when QR has been created, click on the “Download” button to get the  QR code picture. Best of all, you can also embed the QR code directly on your own website and use it.

    Using Unitag:

    Unitag is very useful in making a QR code with colours instead of using the default black and white. It is surprisingly free without a premium service.


    1.  QR codes generated using long URL are harder being recognized by. mobile QR scanner So, using URL shortener sites such as or to shorten your URL before generating the code is highly recommended.
    2.  The border around your QR code is known as the 'quiet zone'. The quiet zone is ideally white or a light color. Quiet Zone of your QR code should be at least four times the width of the modules of your QR code, if not, then it won't work.
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