Some Awesome Google Chrome Tips And Tricks 2017

    Google Chrome is the universally used Internet browser. People use this browser to search for any information or to visit different websites. This web browser has one of the best user interfaces. It is fast in loading web pages and its has been recommended by many websites for smooth usage.

    Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

    However, Google Chrome web browser has some hidden tricks which most users aren't aware of. This tricks and tips make you have full control on your PC and web performance. Easy to use and reliable. Let's see some awesome tricks on google chrome 2017.

    1 Bookmark all Tabs:

    You can bookmark all the Tabs which are open at that moment on the Google Chrome web browser with a single click. This enables you to see your pages in a folder when you are offline so you can see the tab while offline. To bookmark all tabs, you need to click on any of the tabs and select the ‘Bookmark All Tabs’ option. You can also use ‘Ctrl+Shift+D‘ as a shortcut key to perform the same task.

    2 Use incognito mode:

    What incognito mode in Google Chrome does is that it allows you to browse anonymously without any browsing record or search record. And to do that, use ‘Ctrl+Shift+N’ to enter incognito mode. You can manually do that by using the Chrome menu at the top right of your screen and selecting "New incognito window". But Google Incognito mode cannot protect your activities from spying, namely through DNS records.  To ensure anonymity, you can use a VPN extension for the Chrome browser.

    3 Pin Tabs:

    You can pin tabs on the Google Chrome web browser so that you can access them quickly. The best part of the Pinned tab is that even if you Restart your PC, you can always see the tab. To do this, you need to right-click on that particular tab and right click on it. Then, select ‘Pin Tab‘ option from the drop-down box to pin that tab. A wonderful tip as well.

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    4 Re-Open Closed tabs:

    You can mistakenly close a tab you are using and need to open it back with the last page you where. It's pretty easy. All you need to do is use ‘Control+Shift+T‘ shortcut key, or you can right click on any open tab and you should see "Reopen closed tab".

    5 Add Awesome extensions: 

    Extensions are small software programs that can change and improve the functionality of your Google Chrome web browser. These extensions help you a lot based on the function they can perform. There are different with different uses. For example, you can change your mail message theme using an extension, i.e it can be called apps. You can download these extensions from the Chrome Web Store for free.

    6 Navigate Different Tabs Without Mouse:

    This trick is very helpful for those who run several tabs open at one time. You can jump from one tab to another just by holding down the Control key and a number between 1 and 9. Each number is associated to a tab in order. The 1st tab on the extreme left is associated with the number 1, and number 2 is associated with the tab to its right and so on.

    7. Duplicate Tab:

    You can duplicate certain tabs or duplicate a tab to be two. So if you want to use the other tab for something different it wouldn't affect the current or original tab. This is a trick that helps a lot, i use this in case i need my other tab for something different.

    8. Open Link In New Tab:

    This is also a wonderful trick, you can open a link on a tab without having to write it or open it manually. You might be on a page and see a link to something interesting in which you don't want to leave the page, you will open the link in new tab and to do that.. Right click on your mouse on the link you wish to open and choose "open link in new tab". You can test it with this link

    That's all i have for today guys, there are many more, but these are the key tips and tricks that you should know. Share this post with friends as sharing is caring. Comment below if i missed any important tips on chrome browser. 


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