Cracked: How To Get 280 Character Tweets On Twitter

    In the no so distant past, we examined about the expansion of the most extreme length of tweets, up to 280 characters from 140 . All things considered, not every person can utilize the new component right now, so in this article you will learn a new trick to get the new 280 characters.
    How To Get 280 Character Tweets On Twitter

    Until further notice, it's being tried with a little subsection of Twitter clients, before a potential take off to whatever remains of the client base in the coming weeks.

    Be that as it may, Twitter clients have seen that with a little change, it's simple for anybody to enact 280-character tweets at this moment.

    To enact it, you have to introduce a Chrome expansion called TamperMonkey, which is accessible here. (We saw this alternative by means of The Verge.)

    How To Get 280 Character Tweets On Twitter

    From that point onward, go to this content @Prof9 composed and tap the "crude" catch, and afterward "introduce" when provoked. Much the same as that — you have 280-character tweets!
    Then again, in case you're up to playing around in the code yourself, @rpy offers a more specialized choice:

    The reason these work is essentially that the code that manages whether a client approaches the new 280-character confine is put away on the clients' PCs, as opposed to Twitter's servers — so it can be changed. The change has typically caused debate however — with a few clients proposing that the farthest point doesn't should be adjusted, and Twitter should center its assets somewhere else.

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