Facebook Testing Feature To Remove Non-Promote Post From News Feeds

    Facebook is testing a new feature which will remove non-promoted posts from news feed except it has been promoted. This will likely cause free publishers to loss traffics, likes and comments.

    FB Remove Non-Promote Post From News Feeds

    The new refresh which has been affecting some counties like slovakia and serbia leaving only the main posts in their feed. This change cwill surely bring a darastic change in the users engagement.

    According to Filip Struhárik, a journalist at Slovakian newspaper Dennik N, the change resulted in a drop in interactions across the country’s media landscape. “Pages are seeing dramatic drops in organic reach,” Struhárik said. “The reach of several Facebook pages fell on Thursday and Friday by two-thirds compared to previous days.”

    Smaller sites are reporting a loss of traffic and Facebook engagement, Struhárik told the Guardian. “Its hard to say now how big it will be. Problems have also hit ‘Buzzfeed-like’ sites, which were more dependent on social traffic.”

    Struhárik noted that the trial is soon to draw strict conclusions. “But if reach is radically smaller, interactions decreased and your site doesn’t have diversity of traffic sources, it will hurt you.”

     “With all of the possible stories in each person’s feed, we always work to connect people with the posts they find most meaningful. People have told us they want an easier way to see posts from friends and family, so we are testing two separate feeds, one as a dedicated space with posts from friends and family and another as a dedicated space for posts from Pages.” Facebook said

    For Struhárik, there is one last catch: he doesn’t expect the test to be a huge success. “Newsfeed without news. Just friends and sponsored content. People will find out how boring their friends are,” he said.

    In a second statement issued after this article was published, Facebook added: “We have no current plans to roll this out globally.”

    What do you think of this new development? Good or Bad? Will this make Facebook loss users. 

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