Facebook Messger Now Allows UsersTo Send PayPal Funds

    Facebook has included a new feature in which users can send and recieve money via PayPal.
    Send and recieve money via messager-facebook

    They have made partnership with PayPal and this will be an awesome feature in which users will utilize fully.

    Currently the per-to-per payment system is only available in the U.s, where paypal has reached over 2.5 million account users linked to Facebook already.

    Also, Facebook added another feature to messager which allows PayPal users to chat with bot to reset their Paypal account password, handle request and report any issue with their sending or receiving money

    How To Use The Feature On Messenger: 

    1. Login to your Facebook messenger account
    2. When composing a message in Messenger, tap on the blue plus icon
    3. Then select the green Payments button to quickly send or request money 
    4. Now you can choose PayPal as your funding source when making a P2P payment with their Messenger contacts.

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