How To Get Glo 100% Data Bonus Via Auto Renew

    Glo is truly the grand master of data as they are giving out some bonus to customers who follow their terms to qualify for the offer.
    Glo 100 double data bonus

    Glo current data plan after they modified it is 800MB for N500 and 1.6GB for N1000. So in this article, you will learn how to get 100% bonus which is N500 for 1.6GB, and N1000 for 3.2GB. This glo double data is official and has been out for months now, but i decided to inform new subscribers about the offer glo are giving out.

    To be eligible for the double data, you need to do some necessities unlike Mtn 100% double data cheat which is very easy to activate.  So below are the requirements and how to be eligible for glo double data.

    How To Activate 100% Bonus:
    1. Buy any glo data plan either daily, weekly or monthly by using the ussd code *777# or simply check out the best data plans for Glo 2017
    2. When data has been exhausted or if subscription expires allow auto-renew for your Glo data plan
    3. You must have data on your glo sim before 3 days after data has been exhausted or if subscription expires so that it will auto renew 
    4. When you allow auto-renew, you will be given double data for any data plan you subscribed to.
    5. Glo will send you message of data auto-renewed and double data when you activate your data
    6. Check your glo MB and expiry date by dialing *127*0#
    This is How To Get Glo 100% Bonus Via Auto Renew. I have been allowing auto-renewal for Glo as i prefer them to any other network. Now over to you, are you currently enjoying this wonderful bonus?