Malware App Recently Removed By Google From Playstore With 2.6 Million Downloads Recorded

    As of late, security analysts from Symantec have discovered eight applications facilitated on the Play Store that is tainted with the Sockbot malware.


    All things considered, those eight applications have an installation from 600,000 to 2.6 million gadgets. In a  blog post, Symantec has said that Malicious Minecraft-based Android applications have advanced toward the official Google Play Store by acting like extra usefulness for the well known Minecraft: Pocket Editon diversion. 

    These are not official Minecraft application but rather it offers skins to the players which can be utilized to change the look of Minecraft's in-diversion characters, probably like a Mod. At to begin with, the analysts expected that the applications are gone for creating income through pushing promotions. Notwithstanding, on the more profound look, they found that the application has no usefulness to show promotions. 


    The application accompanies an installed trojan known as Sockbot which makes the SOCKS intermediary for advertisement income and potential botnet oppression. Symantec says "This highly flexible proxy topology could easily be extended to take advantage of a number of network-based vulnerabilities, and could potentially span security boundaries”" 

    "In addition to enabling arbitrary network attacks, the large footprint of this infection could also be leveraged to mount a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack" 

    All things considered, when the application is introduced, it asks for loads of authorizations like access to GPS, Wifi, Open Network Connections, Read and Write Permission to outer capacity and the capacity to show promotions. The application focuses on the US, yet casualties have likewise been found in Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, and Russia. 

    The security firm, Symantec has officially educated Google to these applications on October 6 and Google had immediately expelled it from the Play Store.

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