Top 5 Android Games For Kids Brain Improvement 2019

    Culminating skills in kids doesn’t come easy. It is something that needs to be nurtured in every child as per their level of understanding. An important question raised by parents of kids is, “what can be done to improve a kid’s intellect?” The answer to this is closer than you may think it to be.

    Almost every kid today is equipped with a smartphone or knows how to operate one. So why, not make use of the medium to train your kids. Below, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Android games that will help your child’s growth:

    Brain Games For Kids

    1. Peak

    Peak brain development games

    Peak came out in 2016 and went on to bag the editor’s pick as well as the best Android apps of the year. Accolades aside, Peak combines brain science and interactive games which provides users with a full mental workout. The best part being, your kid can play a different set of games that test a multitude of different things like language mental agility, problem-solving etc. The app is available for free on Android while providing an option for a premium subscription as well.

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    2. Lumosity

    lumosity brain development games

    Lumosity has been one of the most downloaded brain game apps of all time boasting an impressive 85 million users worldwide. The app was created with the help of more than 100 researchers from across the globe and brain training with Lumosity has been proved to be effective. Upon installation, the app asks you to take a fit test which tests your memory, speed, and attention with the help of three individual games. The results are then showcased to the user who can then check and compare their results with their own age group and see where they stand. The free version of the app provides access to three mini-games daily. A premium subscription will ensure that you play 5 mini brain games daily whose main focus would be the five cognitive functions.

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    3. Elevate

    elevate brain development games

    Elevate is another of those interesting brain game apps that allow users to train their mental capabilities with a different assortment of games. The app paved its way in 2015 and even managed to bag the coveted title of the Iphone’s best app. It also is one of Google’s editors’ choice apps. Elevate has an assortment of mini-games that will incorporate basic learning for your kids like reading, speaking, listening, and maths. The exercises tend to get harder as you get skilled in them. The app also provides a weekly and monthly rundown of the user’s performance highlighting strong points as well as focus areas.

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    4. Fit Brains

    fit brains brain development games

    If you are looking for something a little niche for your kid, then you ought to give Fit Brains a go. The app boasts of more than 60 mini-games and more than 500 personalized training programs that can be customized to suit a user’s need. What sets the app apart from other apps is that it targets emotional intellect as well of a person with games like social awareness, self-control etc.

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    5. Mind Games

    mind games brain development games

    Mind Games is another one of those apps based on the principles of cognitive psychology that will help develop different skills in your child. The games are pretty much simple and challenge your notion of normal making users to adjust their skill set to adapt and develop new skills. Users have an option to choose over from 20 different skill sets that they can learn over time and also learn where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

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    You can also mix these app games with various strategic board games or outdoor games. While kids play countless adventure and action games, why not add a few interesting brain app games in the mix. Like they say, a little gaming never hurt anyone.

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    1. These games are really good for teenagers as well. Brain improvement games are really good. Thanks for such a wonderful article