Facebook Testing New 'Snooze' Feature to Temporary Block Pages and Groups

    Facebook has announced a new feature known as "Snooze", this allows users to temporary unfollow a Page, Group, or annoying friends from your News Feeds. This new feature gives the user more access to what they can see on their news feeds.

    Facebook "Snooze" Feature

    The Snooze feature will allow you to temporarily unfollow a user or more for 30 days, removing their posts or content you find annoying or receptive. This will not alert the page, user or group that you have un-followed their contents for limited days, but you will have privacy and relieve when you stop seeing their posts


    This feature doesn't permanently unfollow the user or page, instead, it is for the 30 days period ( 1 month), so if you want to unfollow a user permanently, you can use the normal Facebook feature. The best part is that before the 30 days period, Facebook will ask you if you want to allow the Facebook  "Snooze" Feature to disable. Now you can extend it if you feel like or allow it to disable

    This isn’t the first time Facebook has given its users a bit more control over the content they see in their News Feed. Just like the “Hide” feature which removes content from a specific person or page, but does so indefinitely. Unlike the Snooze which is effective for 30 days only.

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    The Facebook Snooze feature is rolling out to users over the next week or before January 2018, so you might not see it right away, just regularly check your Facebook app for the release. What do you think guys?

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