How To Recall An Email In Gmail After It Has Been Sent

    Gmail which is the most used services global, has so many features and is one of the best means to send messages to any email in any county. But what if you came across an issue when you send a message to someone by mistake and want to delete it but can't.

    Recall Sent Emails On Gmail

    Google engineers might have not noticed this problem or they don't know it can be a problem to its users, but it is. Gmail is being used by so many companies so it will not be nice to send a message to someone by mistake and not be able to delete it.

    Since Google has not rolled out this feature to its users, many have to be careful and think twice before sending messages. But don't worry, I have a trick to recall sent messages on Gmail. You don’t need to install any add-on or plugins. You just have to do an easy configuration on the app and you are good to go. Follow the tutor closely.

    ➤ Login to your Gmail account

    ➤ Click on the gear icon located at the top right of Gmail

    ➤ Choose settings options from the drop-down menu.

    ➤ In the general settings, you will find an option called “Undo Send”.

    ➤ Now click on the checkbox to enable it.

    ➤ Choose your buffer time which ranges between 5 and 30 seconds.

    ➤ Now scroll down to the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

    ➤ Once this option is enabled you are good to go as you are backed up by this option.

    Now when you compose a mail, you will be given notification of when the buffer time will stop and then the message will be delivered. So this means you cannot retrieve the message if the buffer time is up. So you have at least 30 secs to recall it.

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    From now, this is a manageable trick to use, as we await the time Google will roll out this wonderful type of features to its users

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