Under 3 Months YouTube Go App Hits 10 Million Downloads on Google Play Store

    YouTube Go which was in beta version got it's official app release early September. Now users can download the application for free and enjoy less data consumption on youtube.The app is not available worldwide as it is available in few countries.
    YouTube Go App Hits 10 Million Downloads

    The app got over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store within the period of just 3 months because of it's long-awaited features on an app that consumes less MB. The application is a higher version of the original Youtube application, but the difference between these apps is that Youtub Go streams faster and consumes less MB. You can even download a video for limited days.

    The app gives you an option to preview a video with the lowest KB you can think off without actually using your MB. Also an option to select how many MB you want to use to watch videos on YouTube.

    You can download youtube go from play store, but you need to check if it's available in your country by clicking on the link below.

    You can always download the application from Google play store. Click to see more information about Youtube Go App.

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