Google Wallet and Android Pay Now Combing Under One Brand | Google Pay

    Android Pay and Google Wallet which are payment services from Google will now merge as one under one brand as confirmed by the company - Google.
    Google Pay

    This means that both Android pay and Google Wallet payment services will conbine as one and will have the Google Pay logo offficially.

    Nevertheless, nothing bothersome has been changed on the app, only the logo have been changed . So you will be seeing the new universal Google Pay logo when paying for things with Google wallet or Android pay from Google Play Store.

    Google Confirmed that Google Pay is currently available at services like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart etc.

    Google also stated "these experiences to Tez users in India", although they didn't enlighting us what that means, it might probably be a new payment method in india.


    1. This development will surely make trasfer more secure

    2. This development will surely make trasfers more secure

    3. Very good, but they need to improve it for we Nigerians