First Ever (5G Network) Technology in Africa Introduced by MTN

    MTN has launched 5G Network in Africa and according to them, they said it hit download speeds of more than 20 gigabits per second (2Gb/s) in its first trial of fifth-generation (5G) technology.
    5G Network MTN South Africa

     The service provider stated;  “This is the highest achieved on a mobile network in Africa‚”

    They would have rolled out the Technology commercially but held back due to it unable to have frequency spectrum.

    The Independent Communications Authority of  South Africa‚ regulator of spectrum‚ is yet to allocate spectrum for 4G infrastructure

    MTN South Africa chief technology and innovation officer Giovanni Chiarelli:
    There is no doubt that 5G will offer the consumer higher speeds and lower latency‚ but to achieve this we need the capacity that comes with additional spectrum.

    The 4g license is available in Nigeria and MTN could look forward in deploying the technology in the country in the near future.

    This really will be the fastest Network Technology introduced by MTN. Many are looking forward to this roll out.

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    1. chinedu okwaraJanuary 13, 2018

      Wow, wondering how fast this will be on my phone. 2g per secs

    2. Wonderful update