Download Telegram v4.7 with New Features on Android and iOS

    Telegram has introduced a new update which now makes the app more fun and easy to use. The new update allows you to customize your themes, with fast message delivery and more improvements. Check out the cool features that will blow your minds!!! You will install the app right away!
    Telegram v4.7 Apk Download

    Telegram also update the iOS users with new custom themes and appearance settings. There are newly added themes to choose from which are highly designed. Different colors you can think of are added to the themes.

    Telegram or Android update comes with a new feature which makes the app more interesting. This new update allows you to use different telegram accounts in one application. This means you can have different numbers in one telegram application which you can easily switch to another by sliding from left to right.

    The new telegram update also gives you all your message to the same application simultaneously. You can easily switch to another account and reply any message. Telegram Version 4.7 has made it easier for you to reply any message by just swiping left on any chat.

    Telegram web also has newly added features as well. You must have received a notification to update the base, kindly click ok and have new features on the telegram web

    The Telegram Version 4.7 is available for download.

    - Download Telegram for Android

    - Download Telegram for iOS.

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