WhatsApp Now Allows You to Listen to Voice Message Before Sending

    Whatsapp now allows users to listen to voice messgaes before sending it. This feature is available on whatsapp version 2.18.10.

    whatsapp Ios

    Before the new update, you have to record your voice messgae and send it without hearing how it sounds like or what you said. So now whatsapp makes it easier for users to listen to it first before uploading.
    This whatsapp new feature is only available for iOS users and it's expected to be on Google play for Android users soon. The new update fixed the bug which stops your recording during an incoming call and also you can now listen to recordings beofre sending.


    ➤ You can receive a new WhatsApp (or system) call
    ➤ You can listen a voice message
    ➤ You can view an image, video, album.
    ➤ You can close WhatsApp
    ➤ It will continue even if your battery is low
    ➤ You can forward/delete a message or you change chat/section in the process

    In these scenarios, WhatsApp will save your voice message so you won’t lose it!


    - Download Whatsapp for iOS v2.18.10
    - Android users might get update soon.

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