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Documents Control Procedure - controlling documents: As the owner of a company dealing with books, training material or financial investments, you can monetize your documents by publishing them as magazines, eBooks, training courses, financial research reports, and so on.

Documents Control Procedure

Also, you will probably rely on a subscription model to allow authorized access to your customers for a limited period of time (or perhaps for an unlimited lifetime period) after which users can renew their subscription to your documents.

But, as such pdf documents are electronic, authorized users who have ill-intentions can reproduce the content in various ways. In other words, there is the chance of your document recipients attempting to misuse their access rights, leading to your documents being accessed by unauthorized people. If that happens, your content can easily be distributed to a larger audience without you getting paid, thereby jeopardizing your monetization model.

So, it is important to have good Documents Control policy over its usage. This is where PDF Digital Rights Management (DRM) security comes into play.

With a PDF DRM system, you can track and control your document usage: Who is accessing (viewing or printing) your documents as well as from where and how many times they do so.  You can also generate log reports based on user activity, document access, and so on.  In this way, if you identify any misuse by a particular authorized user, you can immediately revoke his or her access (regardless of the subscription end date).

To simplify the allocation of access to multiple documents (i.e. documents that belong to the same training course) you can protect them to a publication and give access to the publication rather than individual documents.  At the same time, just because you have your documents allocated to a publication does not imply that your users have to purchase the entire publication for access. It is possible for you to give one-time access to particular users for certain documents, which is why the measurement and analysis of document usage will prove even more useful.

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Also, when you share a document with an authorized user, the document must be encrypted so that, even if the document falls into the wrong hands, an unauthorized person will be unable to access it without the decryption key.  With a DRM solution, the decryption key is locked to a specific device of the authorized user. In this way, if a user tries to share access with an unauthorized person, he or she will be unable to do so.

Moreover, a PDF DRM solution also stops copying or duplication of your documents template in any form. This can be done by disabling the basic forms of copying through the “Save as” option, print screens, printing to file drivers and copying and pasting.

Yet, some users may sometimes need to print certain documents and DRM enables you to allow users to print a fixed number of copies.  And, you can add dynamic watermarks to the printouts which will display the username, company name, email ID, and so on when the document is printed. Authorized users would not want to reveal their identities when attempting to illegally distribute your content and would thus be deterred from doing so.

So, a solid PDF security system will give you complete Documents Control and enable you to maximize your revenue streams.

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