5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever

    Technology in the business world: Back in 1983, a mere few decades ago – the business world looked completely different then it does today. From the way, businesses converse with customers, how sales are handled, and general day-to-day operations.

    Ways Technology Has Changed Business

    The crazy thing is back then the internet, and technology was a passing façade. (Ways Technology Has Changed Business)

    Now with more than 3 billion individuals globally thriving on the internet, new applications, and continuous progression in technology innovations – everything has changed. This is the time where being a pioneer will pivot your business into a successful model.

    Through this article we decided to go through various crucial business operations – and how innovations in technology has changed it for the better.

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    Technology in the business world

    1. Technology Has Changed Communication | Both Internally And To Customers

    Another effects of technology on business is Snail mail. The love of sending a letter, and having to wait weeks to receive a response. Thank gosh. I don’t know about you but I am glad to be alive in the time of digital communication.

    We take instant communication for granted, but take a second to think about the impact that it has not only when dealing with customers. But also when it comes to managing your team, and keeping your employees productive.

    Whether you communicate with your clients through social media platforms – instant responses leave the clients happy and instill a level of trust in your brand. Which is much better than the typical way of communication back in the 80’s.

    But what about your employee's productivity.

    SaaS applications, such as Slack and Trello are excellent ways to streamline pipeline productivity. Thanks to instant communication, employees know exactly what is needed, and when they need to have it done by.

    2. A Simple Secure Payment Gateway Customers Can Rely On 

    We live in the digital era. The age of freedom, and creativity. At least from an entrepreneurs perspective. Salesforce is just one such example of the impact technology has on payment gateways worldwide.

    Customers can now shop online, with instant access to everything they are looking for (say goodbye to long queues). Instead of having to worry whether or not their checkbook is nearby, they can pay at the simple click of a button. Making life much simpler, and more efficient.

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    3. Gives Businesses The Ability To Connect With Customers Without Invading

    Nowadays, we are used to the typical marketing techniques of today's business world. But take a second to imagine the nightmare of no cable TV, no WiFi (or internet for that matter), no social media technology – no cloud.

    It sounds like a gloomy world to me.

    Back in the day, businesses had to worry about hosting large events, paying droves of workers to go stand on the road to hand out pamphlets and try to get a script written in the newspaper.
    The problem was the majority of the time, this only targeted a small portion of their target audience.

    Now, thanks to the latest innovations in technology, social media is on the rise. More and more users trust businesses that have a strong social media presence, making it easier for businesses to communicate their brand idea and vision, to their ideal customers.

     - Technology in the business world

    4. Data Is King | Technology Helps Improve Sales And Overall Profit

    In the business world – information is king. Even back in the day, it was always taught that having knowledge of who your customers are, and what problems they are will either make or break the success of your business.

    But nowadays, businesses can access so much more information. Which helps to really pinpoint your ideal customers, which would mean an increase in sales at the end of the day.

    Automated email providers, such as Mailchimp provide an innovative way for businesses to connect with people interested in what they have on offer. While still providing value in a digestible format (at least with a good copywriter on the team).

    Most important of all - YouTube.

    Businesses underestimate how powerful videos are in the modern world. In fact, live videos, and recorded videos have been proven to have the highest ROI in terms of lead generation and sales.

    Why not combine the best of both worlds? If you want to improve your weekly newsletter, we’ve got an option for you. You can now send YouTube video in email through BombBomb. You can also tell who has opened your email and who has watched your video and for how long.

    Technology in the business world is awesome, right?

    5. Business Transparency Is Becoming Ever More Important

    They say for everything great in life, there will always be a downfall. Well, that depends on your perspective.

    Back before technology was on the rise, and innovations were slow and steady – businesses did not have to worry about data servers being hacked, illicit marketing campaigns being revealed, or straight up lies being discovered.

    In the modern world, however, things are different. With the majority of critical information being stored on servers, businesses are indeed vulnerable. Which is actually a great thing.

    Because this forces businesses to be open, and straightforward with its customers; meaning it gives a leg for you to stand on when you starting a brand and are searching for ways to build trust with your target market.

    These are 5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever and some effects of technology on business

    Grace Frenson

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