When Will AI Based Tech Surpass Everything Including Humans

    This is a well-written article and unique post which talks about how Artificial Intelligence will take over humans. Artificial intelligence is practically changing the world in all aspect and it shows that Ai will be able to do a more advanced task than humans.
    Artificial Intelligence

    What does this mean, it means lack of jobs will increase as Ai robots will be able to do these task more than we can expect. And the obvious truth is that many companies are already falling to this and fast. This then brings a thought-provoking question like, will artificial Intelligence take over your job or can they learn faster than us. The future is there to answer such questions, not i or you. But there are high chances that they will take over if it's to happen

    Artificial intelligence is faster, easier and quicker to learn. There is an example of Sophie the robot which is an Ai and it behaves like a human a bit. I view that as weird dou. Joke apart, Ai works in a way that they learn by observing and from past mistakes. Although made by man, they are likely doing jobs perfect than us.
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    A group of experts also predicted that AI will outperform humans in the next 10 years in tasks such as translating languages (by 2024), writing high school essays (by 2026), and driving trucks (by 2027). There are other tasks AI might take time to understand, but they won't easily take over humans working in retail until 2031 ( Probably). Doctor work will also be later. Predicted 2053.

    Where does AI Apply to

    There are many places Ai Artificial intelligence works best on. Google in creating an AI capable of beating humans and even the Google search engine is an AI.

    The prediction is much in which AI will take over Humans activity. Below are when and how it might happen;

    1. AI to outperform humans at everything in 74 years,

    2. researchers from Asia expect it in just 30 years.

    This is just a brief review of how AI will surpass everything. To learn more about AI, Read This

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