Best VR Headset 2018 Review: PS4, PC, Samsung and Mobile

    VR Headset which in full means Virtual Reality headset has so many features and specs. Many have been looking for the best VR headset this 2018 and previous but haven't seen what they are looking for. There were many cool releases last year being 2017 like HTC Vive, Playstation VR even the popular Oculus Rift which brings nice experiences to users. We have decided to review the best there is for you - Best VR Headsets 2018.

    Best VR Headset Samsung 2018, More

    There are Many VR Headsets or devices so to speak and it becomes very difficult to choose the best. VR Headset for PC like MR headset is full of customization and new virtual reality headsets are being produced like that of the HTC Vive which has now been upgraded to form HTC Vive Pro. That is the premium version.


    There are many VR headsets with different sizes, the seat range you need before utilizing the device differs. For example, the Xbox controller requires little space compared to that of the PlayStation 4 which requires you to seat a bit far from your TV.


    The Smartphone you possess is the final answer to your question. Mobile VR Headsets are powered by a smartphone and all smartphones have different limitations in graphical performance in which you have to choose the recommended VR Headsets for your Android smartphones.

    - VR Headset Samsung Gear VR costs £80
    - Sony’s PlayStation VR costs £350
    - Pc Oculus Rift costs $400
    - HTC Vive costs £760


    1. Oculus Go: The best headset for the VR curious
    Price when reviewed: £316.00

    2. HTC Vive VR: The best VR headset for room-scale VR at a reasonable price
    Price when reviewed: £659.95

    3. PlayStation VR: The best VR headset for gamers
    Price when reviewed: £350

    4. Oculus Rift: The best VR headset all-rounder
    Price when reviewed:  £565.47

    5. HTC Vive Pro: The true high-end VR device, with the price to match
    Price: from £899

    These are the best VR Headset Samsung and other devices 2018. If you still have others which weren't mentioned, kindly inform me through the comment box below. Thanks for visiting.


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