YouTube Focuses on Promoting COVID-19 Athoritative Contents via Homepage

Since the Global Outbreak of Coronavirus, there have been mini-blogs, or vloggers sharing false information about COVID-19, such as it's the source, cures, and infective state. Now, YouTube has been forced to create new Coronavirus information on their Homepage rather than bringing down videos providing false content for views.
news shelf youtube

The "news shelf" on its homepage promoting "authoritative content" has been done on other social platforms and search engines like Google. Now if you enter YouTube, you can see the correct information you need about the virus and this can cause less false alarm scaring the public.

"We want everyone to have access to authoritative content during this trying time, so we're launching a COVID-19 news shelf on our homepage in 16 countries," the Google-owned video sharing service said in a statement on Twitter late Thursday.

"We'll expand to more countries, as well."

"Our goal is to put authoritative information in front of everyone who uses our services," Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg said.


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