HBO Max Streaming Service launches on May 27th

    The awaited HBO Max has arrived! 

    After months of hyped, the HBO-based streaming service, HBO Max, which has a huge catalog of blockbuster movies and TV shows provided by WarnerMedia was launched on May 27 in the US.
    HBO Max Streaming

    The newly-released HBO Max costs $14.99 with a seven-day free trial. This is the same price to preexisting standalone streaming service, HBO Now, and HBO’s regular channel on some pay-TV providers.

    But the newly launched streaming service offers more content than the HBO Now. All the TV shows and movies on HBO now will be available on HBO Max for streaming. In addition to this, HBO Max will also offer huge catalog licensed programming and exclusive originals.
    The HBO Max will compete with Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime Video in the streaming market.

    After the first launch, the company is planning to have the first international expansion in 2021. The company said that they will prioritize Latin American and Europe in their international expansion.

    HBO Max feature
    HBO Max allows its user to stream to three different devices simultaneously and create multiple profiles to keep recommendations separate for different members.

    HBO Max has also Kid accounts. Here, the parents can control the maturity levels of the show that can be accessed by the Kids’ profile.
    HBO Max, however, doesn't offer 4K resolution nor high dynamic range image quality at launch.
    Anyone can get HBO Max, by signing up directly on their website at Mobile apps will also be available on the App Store and Google Play store.  

    Entertainment on the Max
    Going inside HBO Max is like opening a casino website. Thousands of table games and slots titles being offered in different themes in an online casino. Check out top online slots here. 

    HBO Max promises content for every user. HBO Max will also feature a library of more than 2,000 feature films within the first year. The company guarantees show from Cartoon Network, CNN, DC Comics, HBO originals, TNT, Crunchyroll, and Sesame Workshop.  

    Immediately at launch, audiences will have access to 700 blockbusters films via HBO. HBO Max also offers an extensive selection of series and movies from third parties.

    On the first day of HBO Max launched complete libraries of Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Rick and Morty, The Boondocks, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and many more popular shows are being offered on the platform available on the platform this year.

    HBO Max also became the exclusive online home for the puckish Time Lord, with all 11 seasons of the modern Doctor Who series available. Future seasons of the show will also stream exclusively on HBO Max.

    Classic shows like South Park, Gossip Girl, The West Wing, and the full slate of HBO’s original series are also expected to be available on the platform this year.

    All 21 of Studio Ghibli’s animated features would stream exclusively on HBO Max also. This includes My Neighbor Totoro, the Oscar-winning Spirited Away, and The Wind Rises.

    The Director’s Cut of Justice League is also expected to available on the platform next year.  

    Harry Potter series and MonsterVerse films such as Godzilla and KingKong and, on the other hand, are not going to be available on HBO Max. The Harry Potter

    Complication in payment
    HBO Max rivals other streaming services like Disney Plus and Netflix, but it is the most expensive platform. To compare, Disney Plus costs $7 a month and Netflix costs $13 a month.

    For brand new users, HBO Max costs $15 monthly. But some people who have regular HBO subscription or HBO Now will get the HBO Max without spending extra cost. The complication is that it is not for everyone.

     For its user to get the automatic upgrade to Max, HBO needs to strike a deal with the company that's already billing their customer for HBO. But HBO Max doesn't have deals with every provider. After the launch, the company is still striking a deal with other providers.

    The company also promised that they will add cheaper tier next year but it will have commercials to support the discount.

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