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Services UcheTechsBlog

Below are some of the services I offer at discount prices
  • Blog design and set up
  • App development and design for blogs or sites
  • Logo Designing
  • Publishing of apps on play store (Available)
  • Responsive template for blogs or sites
  • Blogging tutorials
  • Buying a cheap custom domain e.g from yoursite.blogspot.com to yoursite.com, .net, .ng or any extension of your choice. (BUY HERE)
  • Facebook Likes & Followers  (Page, Photos, Videos) Tool.
  • etc

About Advertising On This Website:

Adverts through distributed posts are the best as it remains on this blog as long as the blog exists. You will contact more individuals as it will be presented on all our web-based social networking fan page and furthermore show up on google seek. 

Adverts on sidebars and record zones is another method for drawing in individuals to reach you for business as I will outline it to give an impeccable invitation to take action look. The legitimacy time of sidebar and record adverts is restricted and reliant on the cost or membership period. 

For new and as of now settled bloggers, you can likewise use this to educate the world regarding your blog and get more traffic and do-follow backlinks to your website.

Blog Designing Features;

  1. You can get this blog's premium template at discount price
  2. Seo friendly design
  3. Drop down menu
  4. Responsive blog
  5. Custom mobile view looks
  6. Compliance with google adsense
  7. Ads ready- Top, Middle & Below Of Article
  8.  Template lock
  9. Colour change of template
  10.  Recent post widgets
  11. Easily change width of  sidebar
  12.  E.t.c
My pricing is very affordable depending on which chosen.

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