How To Download Torrent Files Latest Method 2018

Here is another How-tos and today we will be discussing how we can easily download Torrent Files on any device, either Android or Pc 2018. But wait a sec, before i start with the tutorial, not all know what is torrents or how it works, here is a brief info about it.

How To Download Torrent Files
How To Download Torrent Files

Torrents are simply ‘files’ that hold information related to other files and folders that are to be distributed. When you download a movie torrent, this ‘torrent file’ contains necessary information which will let you get that movie.

Now, the previous methods to download torrents have been stopped and it was on a site, but since it's down, there is another method. You have to download a fast download manager app or software on your respective devices. Recommended is Internet download manager ( IDM) or for Android devices, you can try Advanced download manager (ADM) on Android.

This new trick will give you access to download Torrent files using IDM easily. Just Follow these below tutorials as seen.


1. Download the Torrent file which you need to download from any torrent site like Ex. or extra torrent

2. Save the Torrent File on your PC System, for easy access save it on Harddrive > Torr.

3. Now, go to website.

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4. Click on "upload" to Upload the torrent file you downloaded.

5. Hit Go button Wait for a complete cache of the Torrent File.

6. Now click on Download button, it will ask for ”choose your account” Choose Free account Wait, Downloading will start on Internet download manager or any download manager you downloaded.


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