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Thank you for your interest in writing for UcheTechs Blog - Android | Games.

The UT audience loves Tech-related content, Android Tricks, and Game reviews that cover the Tech biosphere. Follow the rules below to submit an article:
  1. Content is unique, detailed, and informative and has not been published elsewhere
  2. Content is written with an engaging tone, easily read by new beginners
  3. Content does not infringe on copyright and attributes sources correctly
  4. Content does not duplicate links and only uses promo links
  5. Content is accompanied by a blurb for social shares and a bio for yourself

We Do Not Accept

  1. Copied and plagiarized content
  2. The content involved in link-building schemes
  3. Anything breaching Google Blogger Content Policy
  4. Over-critical or over-promotion of commercial/personal entities
  5. Repeat submissions of the same article
  6. We do not allow articles with links to gambling sites, or casi*nos.

Examples of Articles We Accept

Posts usually cover the components for Android Security; SEO, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Tech News, Game Reviews, and most importantly – VPN & Software reviews.

Any big list of things that have been discussed 99,999 times on the web won't get our attention. Tech lovers don't need another Tech Guide (we already have one). They need valuable and meaningful tips that they can benefit from.


  1. Content will need to meet our policies before being published
  2. Content published on UT cannot be re-published or mirrored elsewhere
  3. Content can be edited, updated, or deleted by UT at any time
  4. Content can be accompanied by ads, downloadable content
  5. The content author is responsible for copyright or trademark infringement

Submitting Your Post

  1. Email info [at] uchetechs [dot] com
  2. Attach the completed article in a word document
  3. Short personal bio with no more than one link
  4. Include image files on articles (optional)


- All outbound links will be set to ‘no follow’ if it links to a low-quality website.
- All posts must be at least 1500 words
- We link only to sites with DA 20+ and PA 25+ and Above (Considerable For Quality Content).
- Publishing time can vary from 1 to 2 days, depending on where it can fit in our blog schedule.
- Make sure to mention at least one or two links to your writing samples
- Submit 3 to 4 headlines that you think our readers would love and are based around your areas of expertise.
Payment is required before posts go live on our website.

Fee: To keep our blog growing and reduce spam submissions we have a small admin fee for every post reviewed and published. Submit your content to learn more.

Last Updated: 31/12/2022


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