Etisalat Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat Using 51VPN

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Finally, guys, i have come to tell you that i have discovered a free browsing on Etisalat and its LEGAL. It's an app being used by a VPN called 51 VPN. It's been a while we had a real free browsing. What this app does is that it gives you free access to sites, social media, and so much more.

This is not even a Nigerian app and it's being used across the globe. The app provides free VPN service to surf the global network. The app is owned by China developers where you can contact them using this email [email protected].
So let's go to the subtopics of this post.

Brief intro to 51 VPN

Etisalat unlimited free browsing cheat

Etisalat unlimited free browsing cheat

51VPN provides free VPN service, surf the global network. Provide stable high-quality nodes, free download, no registration, one key connection, simple operation, convenient and fast. Comprehensive data encryption, privacy protection and safe and secure. It provides Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom and other nodes for global users.

What 51VPN can be used to do?

  •  Smooth visit websites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook.
  •  send and receive Gmail, visit the foreign business website.
  •  Hide your IP address, encrypt data transfer, prevent third-party tracking.
  •  Play overseas games.
etisalat unlimited free browsing cheat

What are the advantages of 51VPN?

  •  Fool-style operation, without any settings, one key connection
  • No root privileges, no need to register.
  • To provide Japan, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States nodes, you can choose your node.
  • Unlimited download speed.

How can 51VPN be used to browse free on Etisalat?

  • After successful download 
  • Open the app 
  • Choose any of the Nods available{UK Or Singapore}RECOMMENDED
  • Activate your data 
  • Click on the ash icon with a symbol on it
  • Ones it connects you will see the Sent and Received data reading in bytes before getting full speed.
51 vpn free browsing

Note on 51VPN

 I tried the app on glo and it connected but not browsing so what i am saying is that you can try it on other sims to see if it works for you. Also for me, the app only powered facebook, play store, Google, and telegram. So connect and see if yours powers other apps becuase it powers others apps like WhatsApp, Twitter and others for some people. So enjoy it while it last. Download the app from the link below.


We still awaite for the download link of 51VPN Pro, 51Vpn pro will give you more access and speed using the etisalat free browsing cheat

Whats new on v 2.3.1

  1. Update the list of nodes, please use the recommended node. Older versions fail to work due to out of traffic. Please update to the latest version!
  2. After updating the application, please restart your phone if not work.
  3. High-speed Hong Kong X2, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States X2 and other nodes.

Version 2.3.1 can access:

  1. Other
  2. receive data from Internet
  3. view network connections
  4. full network access
  5. run at startup
  6. prevent the device from sleeping
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  1. Boss share me the settings pls

    1. It doesnt require any settings
      Its in built(like tweakware and stark vpn),just connect the app and start browsing free.

  2. I tried to download it on my HTC 7088 the link on Google store says my version is.not me o

    1. Hello, dont worry yourself, i will post the direct link here and if posible the pro version
      Thanks for coming

  3. Nice bro, commenting from the group
    Best admin ever

  4. I noticed you posted this first before it got leaked
    Pls do you have any new cheat?

    1. Thanks for noticing that
      If any you will be updated in this site

  5. Please mine connects and doesn't browse
    Any solution

    1. Click on the reading meters to check connection, and make sure you set you data on 3G Only🙄

  6. Replies
    1. Yea, i love his post especially when it comes to free browsing

    2. Always tring to bring the best for you guys

  7. AnonymousJuly 17, 2017

    Best admin ever i love ur post and response to people. U are so kind and caring

    1. Thanks, also share this blog with family and friends

  8. Pls post the pro version for this apk u are the best

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