FIFA 16 Mod FIFA 23 Apk Obb Data Offline Download (Working)

 Download FIFA 16 Mod FIFA 23 Apk Obb Data which can finally be played offline on Android devices.

FIFA 16 Mod FIFA 22 Apk Obb Data Offline
FIFA 16 Mod 23

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod 2023 Soccer game was developed in 2015 by EA Sports, and it has always been playable online (internet), including the Quick Matches, Manager Mode, and Tournaments.

FIFA 16 Mod 23 game comes with realistic graphics, a major improvement from the FIFA 14 Mobile Offline for Android. The FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Mod console-like graphics makes this game unique.

The Mod 2023 of FIFA 16 Ultimate still features the large responsive control buttons as the regular version. These buttons can be used to easily tackle an opponent, shoot, pass, and even dribble/

What more should you expect? Background music runs in the background while you are selecting your teams, or if you disable commentary, it plays during matches.

Speaking of commentary in FIFA 16 Ultimate Mod 23, it can be downloaded from the game's settings so you get a real-world feeling and hear reactions based on the events on the pitch.

FIFA 16 Ultimate for Android features over 100 football teams, so there are a handful lot of teams for you to choose from.

Manager mode in the FIFA 16 Mod FIFA 2023 is available as well, this EA Sports feature lets you manage your own football club by topping the leagues like Spanish La Ligi, and Barclays Premier League, qualifying for the Champions or European League, and more.

Real football team kits in the FIFA 16 Mod 23 game are also accessible, you get to choose the latest kits of teams, both their home and away team kits.

Furthermore, you can customize the time, weather, speed, and more before playing FIFA 16 Ultimate Mod matches. Formations can be changed and substitutions during gameplay.

Download FIFA 16 Mod FIFA 2023 Apk Obb Data Offline Mod

Before you download this FIFA Soccer game, make sure you have gone through the download installation guide because, unlike other soccer game files, you might face issues during installation.

Note: Only `Quick Play` can be played offline, other modes need a stable internet connection to play currently. In the future, there might be an update to make all modes fully offline.

Data File For FIFA 16 Mod (Important to Play Offline)

Data FIFA 16 Mod FIFA 2023 Password: abonnez-vous

Obb File For FIFA 16 Mod 

Apk App 

Apk App English Commentary

FIFA 16 was originally developed for older Android Devices, so for this reason Android 12 users will need to install X8 Sandbox App to run the game successfully.

Use Zarchiver Pro Apk App To Extract Files

➥ Download >> Zarchiver Pro Apk

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How To Install FIFA 16 Offline Mod Apk Obb Data files

Below contains the best steps for you to follow in other to extract OBB and data files for a successful installation.

Steps: Install FIFA 16 Ultimate Apk Obb Data Offline:

Steps To Extract Data File 
  1. Launch your Zarchiver Pro App and locate the new compressed files.
  2. Click on the FIFA data rar file.
  3. Under the menu, tap on "Extract".
  4. The extract location should be Device Memory, "Android Folder", and "Data Folder".
  5. Tap on the extraction icon to extract the compressed files inside the folder path.

Steps To Extract Obb File
  1. Launch your Zarchiver Pro App and locate the new compressed files.
  2. Click on the FIFA data rar file.
  3. Under the menu, tap on "Extract".
  4. The extract location should be Device Memory, "Android Folder", and "Obb Folder".
  5. Now install FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Apk App & play offline for free!

Now you can play FIFA 23 mod FIFA 16 apk+obb+data offline download offline on your Android phone for free!


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