How To Buy Apps & Games From PlayStore Using Paypal

Google allows users to pay for playstore Apps or Games using their Paypal account. This feature has been of help to many who wants quick and easy purchase without credit or debit cards. If you are not aware of this feature, I will teach you how to connect your PayPal account to google play store.
 Buy Apps From PlayStore Using Paypal

This method below works on any PayPal account and it is very easy and fast. Remember that Paypal fees might be included. Heres how to Add Paypal to Google Store.


1. Open any Paid Android App or Games on your App

2. Select the download button

3. Accept the options that popUp

4. Now choose Payment method as Paypay if you haven' before.

5. Input your Paypal email address

6. Now Purchase it (Make sure you have enough funds).

You can still change the payment method options in case you need to make a new payment. This is as easy as you can think. Enjoy and don't forget to comment and share!

You might have to manually change the payment option to PayPal each time you make a purchase, but at least the option is there and it's all set up now.

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