Be Careful With Paypal and Indian Scam, here Is My Experience

Paypal is the most used payment method right now becuase of the features they offer - Like safe to use, easy transaction. But they have a downside and that downside is very bad especially for bloggers.  Most Indians use PayPal to scam others. I have fallen victim now.

Paypal and Indian Scam

We know that PayPal doesn't support Nigeria and some other African countries but there are ways to create a Nigerian PayPal account that sends and receive money. That might be the next article I will talk about.

Although many people mention Indians scams, I never believed till now. This post is not saying all Indians do so, but some do so. Here is my experience.


This India man with email ([email protected]) said he needed guest posts like 4 for $30. 2 where Tech while the other where Education. I told him to review my guest post page but he insisted and said to pay $40. I then Reviewed the posts and accepted only the first 2 tech post for $20 telling him I don't need another niche on my blog.

He agreed and accepted the 2 guest posts with links to them (Backlinks) after delaying me almost one week no payment but later paid. Now the India scammer Man used another email and message me to post that same education link but with tech article for $10. I did so for him without payment and he told me he will pay not that day being Saturday but Monday. He then used the first email to chat me up telling me he needed a guest post for $10 and I told him I can't do that becuase of the experience I have with him, but he told me he will pay and I posted it becuase he paid the first.

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Guess what guys, this man didn't pay the money for the first email of $10 and the second. Now I removed both links on the blog and he threatened me to issue a refund to PayPal if I don't post it for free. He did so and PayPal held the money.

Be Careful With Paypal and Indian Scam


Paypal requested my reply and I did with proofs so and waited for the response. Paypal then asked me for shipping code which I don't have because it is a virtual good. Now I replied them and they said they will review it, but not up to 5 seconds they reversed the money to him leaving me with negative payment (Not suppose to be Negative but that is PayPal scam.

So this is a warning to PayPal users and bloggers to be careful and sell any money they have in PayPal and if someone threatened you to issue a refund, close the account.

As for the India man, I will leave that for Jehovah God to solve.

If you Need A Nigeria Paypal Account that sends and receive payments, I might discuss that next or kindly contact me on Telegram (


  1. This is serious o bro, I also faced the same problem with one Indian man, this one issued me an invoice of 560$ for goods he was to pay me, now written paid, and up til today I haven't received any money, I just thank God I didn't send the product, but I reported to paypy and he was banned

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us.

      We have to be very careful with such people

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