How to Recover Forgotten Wifi Network Windows 10

    Recover Forgotten Wifi Network

    Learn Recover Forgotten Wifi Network in Windows 10. You might have connected to a Wifi network on your Windows 10, 8 or 7 and might have forgotten wifi network. You can get it back from your windows pc easily.
    There are several ways to connect to a forgotten network windows 10. Either using cmd i.e command prompt or easily navigating through your computer control panel. But this time, we learn how to join a forgotten network in windows 10 using the Sharing Center.

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    Now it is time to look up or Recover Forgotten Wifi Network Windows 10. The computer always stores Wi-Fi password in windows ones they have had contact with connection before. So if the computer has connected to the wifi network, you can easily unforget a wifi network.

    How to connect to a Forgotten Network Windows 8

    1. Head to the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel. 
    2. Right-click on the Wireless Network icon in the taskbar 
    3. click “Open Network and Sharing Center.”
    4. Click the name of the current Wi-Fi connection.
    5. Click the “Wireless Properties”  button in the Wi-Fi Status window that appears.
    6. Click the “Security” tab and activate the “Show characters” 
    7. checkbox to view the hidden password.
    Ethical Tip: This can be used in cyber cafe to know the current password and connected to Android

    Now you will get back a forgotten wifi network and connect to it again. This is how to Recover Forgotten Wifi Network Windows 10.

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