New Mtn Monthly Whatsapp Bundle 2017

Mtn now follow other network to increase the price of their social bundle to N150 per month not N60 monthly again....this new monthy social bundle comes with a new mb i.e 80mb and not 50mb as we know before.....
   And this came with a big blow that it can't be used to power all apps like the previous data plan.It was prevoiusly used in case we need to browse anything online or you want to use it for any important stuffs.....
   Thats not the main reason we are here..lwts leave that for another tread
   lets talk about the subscription code 

     What i normally use is  message format and that is faster and easier lets follow my way
1. Send Wam to 131
2. You will see your welcome message like this..
3. Yello!, Welcome to 50MB WHATSAPP MONTHLY. Expires 14/06/2017 12:26:07 <that depends on the time you subscribed for yours >.  
NOTE:- The reason the message is saying 50mb whatsapp monthly is from mtn but you have actually been given 80mb and N150 has been deducted from you line so kindly ignore the message
4. Dail *556# to check if your credit has been 
5. Dail *559*25# to check your data balance



  1. very nice and very useful information. thanks admin for sharing up such a great information.

    1. Your welcome, kindly share to others and have a lovely day

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