Top 10 Android Custom ROM’s 2021 (Requires Root)

Advantages Of Android Custom ROMs 2021

  • Upgrade your System from older Version to the Newer one.
  • It will Make your smartphone faster
  • More and More Customization Options and Features.
  • Android will work fine.


  • Android Device Must Be Rooted.
  • Android Custom ROM (Select from Below’s Top 10+ Custom ROM’s)
  • A bit of Awareness.
So here is a list of the top 10 custom ROMs which would be great to have on your smartphone! These  Android Custom ROM’s   gives your device an attractive interface and you will surely love to use. As change is always Great for sure. So have a look on the Great Free android custom ROM that you can flash on your Android device after rooting it;

1. Download CyanogenMod Custom ROM

Cyanogen mod is the most recommended ROM for customization. CyanogenMod optimizes your device to function quickly and efficiently. It also gets an update each time a new android system is out. Some devices have this ROM already installed in them. Some outrageous  features such as privacy guard, CPU overclocking, theme support etc are provided.

2. Paranoid ROM

Paranoid  is also another ROM that is as good as CyanogenMod. This ROM has some features which are not provided in other ROMs. It allows you to customize the navigation bar, status bar and much more! It claims to be the fastest ROM available. Theme engine from CyanogenMod is supported by this ROM.

3. MIUI Custom ROM

MIUI is a ROM developed by Xiaomi, it gives a combined experience of both android and ios. Xiaomi phones come with MIUI already installed in them. This ROM allows you to change font and icons effectively, child mode and a huge variety of themes and engines etc are available. It is available for various devices.


AOKP represents ‘Android Open Kang Project’. It is the most reliable ROM and has a lot of customization options. some of its features include custom toggles, CPU overclocking, LED control, permission control etc. Also, you can customize your navigation bar without any trouble.


PAC-ROM is inspired from the game PAC-MAN. This ROM has features from CyanogenMod, paranoid and some extra. It is a feature rich ROM as it has its own customization options. It is available for every device!

6. Dirty Unicorn

Dirty Unicorn looks similar to CyanognMod. The most useful feature of this ROM is its battery backup. It has an inbuilt super SU due to which it is not needed to root your device with this custom ROM on. This ROM includes a ‘Dirty Tweak’ section which includes options such as double tap lock, OmniSwitch floating toolbar, etc.

7. XenonHD

XenonHD is a lightweight nature ROM. This is a lollipop base ROM. It provides layer based RRO theming which allows users to customize themes according to their convenience. It has features such as inbuilt root access, filter notifications etc. It doesn’t provide its users with too many options but its stability is worth trying.

8. OmniROM

OmniROM is developed by ex-CyanogenMod developers. An update for marshmallow android system was recently released which came up with some awesome features such as OmniJAWS weather service, DSP Manager, enhanced DO NOT DISTURB mode etc. OmniSwich is a feature which lets you switch between apps quickly. and OmniROM is the best for advanced users of android.

9. Resurrection RemixBest 

Resurrection Remix is one of the most stable ROMs. Updates for this ROM are available easily. An update to support marshmallow android system has been released already. This ROM lets you customize your lock screen, navigation buttons, animation etc. Pitch black dark theme is a must try feature provided by this ROM.

10. BlissPop

BlissPop is not as popular as other ROMs but, it has its own unique features which can be tried. Its features include lock screen shortcuts, battery styles, Live Display etc. It also allows you to customize the colors, text, font etc. BlissPop is available for most of the devices

Wrap Up ; These are the top 10 Custom ROM’s for your Rooted Android devices with cool features. If you want to replace your stock ROM then the above-mentioned ROM’s should be given a try. and there are few more android custom ROM’s for rooted android. If you know those then please comment below! and feel free to share it with your friends.


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