New Trick To Use For Glo Free Browsing

        So much complains that glo unlimited has not be favouring other users but not long ago a tech greek Gad created a settings and shared it to all and it worked absolutely fine then layer got unstable.... so now i have a new trick for yoy guys to use that now makes it very stable and it works for those who haven't been enjoying the glo N0.00.
       The settings might not seem right or even make sence but its working and i think its the best....
        Settings or trick below

    Trick for glo N0.00
        Nothing much to do
    1. Go to your phone settings

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    2. Navigate to your APN settings
    3. Open it
    4. Now here's the trick
          Change your phone APN settings to any network carrier that is fast in your area
    Seems weird right🙄
     For example;
        Etisalat is the fastest network in my location then i want to use glo unlimited,all i have to do is to change the glo APN from glo,glo flat, any one i used as my apn to Etisalat and then click save and then connect the VPN APP

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