GTA Vice City PPSSPP Zip File Download Highly Compressed

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories is really an interesting game and has good quality. You don't need any settings on your PPSSPP Emulator to get the game working well. The storyline is very nice and long and it's as good as GTA San Andreas. GTA Vice City 65 MB Download PPSSPP has been provided alongside its ISO file for PSP, so here's all you should know about GTA Vice City 65 MB Download PPSSPP.

This GTA Vice City story is an open-world game, in the sense that you can do anything you want in the game, and go anywhere without any restrictions. Also, the game was developed by Rockstar Games who also created the GTA V game for Play Station. This 65MB file is loved for its wonderful graphics, it is the best GTA series in terms of graphics for mobile devices, though it is a paid game, you will get it for free.

GTA Vice City Stories ISO File Download

We have provided GTA Vice City PPSSPP zip file download android and working download links which must work and you don't have to waste your MB. The best part is that you can even import this Game on your PSP and enjoy the game too.

I have provided the features of the GTA Vice City 65MB Download PPSSPP Game on Android. Also, the working settings for PPSSPP Emulator have been provided.

GTA Vice City PPSSPP Zip File Download Android

GTA Vice City 65 MB Download PPSSP
GTA Vice City 65 MB Download PPSSPP

1. Vice city stories game is very similar to other GTA series.

2. The game features a third-person shooter on driving, swimming, planes, vehicles, and even movement.

3. GTA Vice City Stories is an open-world game which means you can do anything.

4. The game has varieties of Cars and bikes.

5. You are free to explore the world and certain areas can also be unlocked as you progress in the game.

6. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories 65MB PPSSPP game also features missions and tasks i.e. storyline which you can play.

7. You can play online with friends and work together or brag high scores online.

8. The game's graphics are very high and this makes it very addictive.


- GTA Vice City PPSSPP Zip File Download highly compressed  (716.80MB)

Sorry: I am so sorry to tell you, but anyone that says you can get GTA Vice City PPSSPP zip file download isn't genuine. I am and so will tell you it's impossible to get it, the game is large and cannot be compressed to such size, the APK could be 65MB, but not for the PPSSPP version that is in ISO.

For smooth and fast gameplay, use the recommended settings below.

Best Settings For GTA Vice City 65 MB Download PPSSPP

  • Rendering: Mode: Buffered
  • Frame skipping: 2
  • Auto Frameskip: Yes
  • Prevent FPS from exceeding 60: Yes
  • Lazy Texture Caching: Yes
  • Retain Changed Textures: Yes
  • Disable Slower Effects: Yes
  • Upscale Level: Auto
  • Disable Alpha Test: Yes

GTA Vice City 65 MB Download PPSSP
gta vice city 65 mb download ppsspp

  • Fast Memory: Yes
  • Multithreaded: Yes
  • I/O On Thread: Yes
These are some sensitive settings that will make much difference in your PPSSPP GTA Vice City game file. 

How to Install GTA Vice City PPSSPP Zip File Download


  1. PPSSPP Gold
  2. z-Archiver
GTA Vice City 65 MB Download PPSSPP install

1. After you have Downloaded PPSSPP Gold For Android

2. Now after you have successfully downloaded the game, you should see it in zip FILE format.

3. After you have successfully done that, you must see another folder named GTA Vice City Stories CSO

4. Now Extract the GTA vice city file for PPSSPP and open your PPSSPP.

5. Head to PSP > GAMES and enjoy it!

Hope you will enjoy this game. The download link is working properly, so feel free to download the game. If you have any questions use the comment box below. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and also share it to family and friends. Thanks for visiting and come back later for more quality posts like this.


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