How To Fix Mobile Data Not Activating on Android Phones

G ood day my friends, today is another day with tips and tricks. We all know that Mobile data is what makes us browse, use our favorite application, get notifications, stream our favorite movies, shows and much more. With a mobile data, you do not need a Wireless Network [WIFI]. But think about this, what about our mobile data refuse to activate. What do we do?

Before going to the steps. Do you know you can enable mobile data in your android in many ways? Let me explain some ways for the sake of those who do not know how to.

How to activate mobile data on Android

Method 1
  1. Head over to settings and tap on data usage.
  2. Turn on the mobile data above the graph like view
  3. Now relax and you should see a symbol in the notification bar with that notification that you're connected
Easy path Settings> Data usage> Mobile data.
Method 2 

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Select the option more
  3. You should see 'mobile networks' now tap on it
  4. Click on 'enable data access over mobile network to turn on mobile data'
  5. Now that you're connected

East path settings> More> mobile networks> 'data disabled'
You can select between 2G, 3G and if available 4G to get stable and higher speeds. So if you are in a location where the signal strength is very low, your battery will drain faster since your device tries to fetch the signal constantly. So you can now switch to 2G network.

Now let's talk about how to fix Mobile data not activating

Fix Android Mobile Data Not Activating

  1. Go to phones settings
  2. Head over to ' Mobile networks'
  3. Now, you must see Network operators
  4. Click on it i.e 'Network operators'
  5. Now you should see 'search networks' and 'select automatically'

There are two tricks to use

  • Search network which makes you see different network operators in your country
  • Select automatically makes them refresh your data services and this makes your data activate back

With these methods, you can be assured that your data will activate immediately. You can also try the general method by removing your sim and inserting it back.

If you know or have another method, tell me via the comment box below and others can also be informed. Remember that we are all learning. Share this to your friends in social media and don't forget to like my facebook page by clicking here


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