Download Teracopy To Speed Up File Transfer On Windows

Teracopy is a tool that copies, moves/transfer a file on your PC at maximum possible speed. This tool uses powerful buffers which reduce time while copying and transferring file and folder on PC. While the latest version of Teracopy 3.0 has more features and improvement. You might have been frustrated with your PC while transferring files from one place to another and it takes more time than usual. Teracopy will be of help to boost the speed.

Teracopy For Windows
Teracopy For Windows

Let's say you are transferring a file from your PC to a storage media, and the file you are moving is 200MB, the speed varies from different PC but in my PC which is Windows 7, it takes almost 30minutes to transfer from my PC to a storage media, imagine that guys. But with Teracopy it has made my PC faster than before, so that is why I have decided to share this with you guys.

Teracopy is developed to copy and move files and folder from PC at maximum possible speed. According to the developers, Teracopy skips damaged or bad file during the copying process. It supports officially support windows 10 because it was developed for windows 10 user. And the bad news is this latest version of Teracopy doesn’t support Windows XP anymore. But XP user can still use an older version of Teracopy.


Download and install Teracopy on your Windows with the link below, also works on Vista. After installing you need to copy or move the file to USB usingTeracopyLet'sts see some features of Teracopy.

Size: 4MB

Teracopy Features:

  • Copy Files Faster: Asynchronous replicating speed up the file transfer on 2 physical hard drive. So this makes it faster.
  • Pause and resume file transfer activities: Stop the duplicate process at any time to free up the system resources and proceed with a single snap.
  • Error recovery: Teracopy tries to fix the error. If it can’t be fixed it will simply skip the damaged file.
  • Interactive file list: TeraCopy demonstrates the error files transfers and gives you a chance to resolve the issue and recopy error files easily.
  • Shell integration: TeraCopy totally supplants the Explorer copy and move function, simply allow you to work with the file as usual.
Note: Teracopy also supports Unicode and as well as Windows 8 x64 support.
TeraCopy is available in both free and paid version. The free version is for non-commercial use only, you need to buy a license which has extended features. TeraCopy Pro, have additional features which will be unlocked if you purchase it.

This is how you can improve the speed of your PC while transferring files from it to a storage media. Please if you have any question comment below and don't forget to comment before leaving. Share this with family and friends.


  1. Better, my pc is very slow like snail

    1. I swear, bro this post is really helpful

  2. Wow,wonderful and awesome

  3. I am new to tear copy and with you good writtens... i have to try it out

  4. I dont understand why most of the blogs have this common topic of teracopy? I have used it but no I am not satisfied with it. Its abrupt crashes leads to data loss. I would recommend you to use GS Richcopy 360 which provides 100% multi threaded fie transfer which gives it amazing transfer speed and it never crashes too. Give it a try, maybe it can help you!

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, will check it out. Thanks for coming and commenting, please dont forget to tell others about this wonderful site

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