Download GBWhatsapp APK Version 5.90 On Your Android

    GbWhatsApp v5.90 comes with a more advanced feature. One new feature of GbWhatsApp App v5.90 application is the ability to delete sent messages, which was posted on this website not long ago. You will also have the ability to allow media auto download for a specific contact or group.

    GbWhatsApp v5.90

    GBWhatsApp is still one of the best WhatsApp mod as of now, having unlimited access to its features, we can use this new WhatsApp Mod for free. GbWhatsApp v5.90 update has so many new features which can be unlockable, like the album feature.

    Below are some of the features and changelog of GBWhatsapp App version 5.90.

    Features Of GbWhatsApp v5.90

    1. Disable calls for Specific Contacts.
    2. Two WhatsApp feature
    3. Video Calling Working.
    4. NewGif Images.
    5. Selfie Flash added.
    6. Always online feature
    7. Hide Last Seen for Specific Contacts.
    8. Hide Chat
    9. Anti-Ban
    10. Send  multiple broadcasts
    11. Send multiple pictures
    12. New emoji
    13. Hide your last seen.
    14. Multiple languages
    15. Download themes
    16. Change ticks style
    17. Counter statistics for groups.
    18. Media preview without loading, much advanced and better than original WhatsApp.
    19. Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen.
    20. Ability to copy to clipboard.

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    GbWhatsApp 5.90 APK Change Log:

    • New base updated to 2.17.296[ playstore]
    • Enable recall feature[ Now you can delete sent messages]
    • Exclusive added dialer FAB on calls tab using which you can send a message to call to unsaved numbers.
    • Super exclusive custom media auto download 
    • Exclusive custom privacy for hiding status.
    • Exclusively back now you can play music on your favorite external app{ MX player, google player, e.t.c}
    • New option to send original images[5.5]
    • Unlock album feature when sending more than 3 images
    • Ability to unload text images

    GBWhatsapp v5.90 Download Link:

    This is how you can enjoy GBWhatapp version 5.80 latest features. You can download version 5.70 and 5.80. What do you think about the wonderful features "Omar" released? Let us know your opinion via the comment section,


    1. chinedu okwaraSeptember 19, 2017

      WOw, new features

    2. AbayomrunkojeSeptember 19, 2017

      Am downloading it right now

    3. Thanks boss, you are always current

    4. Wonderful, now it has telegram features

    5. mmm. cant update existing app... they should update this

    6. Finally, able to delete sent messages

    7. Suleiman AbuSeptember 20, 2017

      Kia this features would be amazing I would download it