How To Install Kali Linux on Android Without Root

What do you think is Kali Linux? Anyway, I like being brief and straightforward. Kali Linux is an operating system for Computers which you can execute different commands for security purposes or hacking. Kali Linux can be used for so many activities like hacking webcam, DDOS Attack on a website or even getting sensitive information about a company. Cool right? 

This Post is for Educational Purposes only. Don't think we are responsible for what you do.

There is an Android version of Kali Linux which makes your Android turn into Another operating system. If you are new to Kali and don't care about Networking, don't bother reading this as the Interface and this Topic might confuse me.

Linux for Android transforms your smartphone into portable network troubleshooting or penetration testing gadget. 

Can you Install Linux Deploy without Root?

Actually, No!. In fact, it is mentally impossible. I need to clarify this to users because of the number of searches in Google on this. Trying anything is at your own risk.

How To Safely Install Kali Linux on Android

Don't want to root, Click that for safe root. Now, you should have at least 2GB or more ROM on your Android device for safe install of Linux on your Android phone, if not it won't work!

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Install Kali Linux on Android Without Root

- Using Linux deploy and VNC Viewer. 
Linux deploy
Linux Deploy

1. Go to Google Play Store and Install Linux Deploy and VNC Viewer on your Android gadget.

2. Once downloaded, dispatch the Linux deploy the application. You will discover a choice resembling a download image at the base of the screen. Hit that alternative, and you will discover a rundown of different choices. Now, Head over to  'distribution' and select Kali Linux.

3. Go to GUI settings and enter the width and the hight of your Smartphone screen.

4 Then click 'install' and you will see that it has started to install. This establishment procedure may take roughly 10 to 15 minutes. So please keep up your understanding till the procedure gets finished. 

5. When this procedure is finished, tap on the option 'configure'. 

6. Post configuration, hit the 'start' option

7. Then, open the VNC watcher and enter few details like address, name, and secret key{password}, and so forth. 

8. Once the information passage is finished, you will have effectively installed Kali Linux on your Android gadget which is prepared to be utilized at this point. 


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