Rooting Advantages | Benefits Of Rooting Android Phone

Learn what you can do with a Rooted Android Phone one it has been successful. There are many Benefits Of Rooting Android Phone, and Rooting Advantages are many, you can have access to many features a normal Phone don't have.
Android Rooting Advantages

Why Should I Root My Phone?

There are many reasons and advantages of rooting android phone. I will like to list out just a few rooted phone tricks. 

Also, in case you do not know how to tell if your phone is rooted, download Root Checker Pro.


1. CWM Installation

CWM meaning Clockworksmod Recovery allows you to replace the inbuilt stock recovery on your Rooted Android Phone. This allows you to install a custom recovery and it makes your Android Phone easy to use and operate.

For example, if you want to flash Zip file, you can do that right inside your phone without a PC. This is one of the best Rooting Advantages becuase it allows you to also make an Android backup.

2. Change Boot Animation

Another cool thing you can do with a Rooted Android Phone is to change the pre-installed Boot animation. What this means is that you can change the boot starting of your Rooted Android Phone to another of our choice. Click HERE for more

Also, make sure you use trusted apps to change them becuase it can cause a problem for you. Last two years from now, I changed my Rooted Galaxy S4 Active phone boot animation and my phone refused to turn on again. It got stuck!..... then, anyway, I'll leave that for now 😉

3. Play Not supported games + FHD

This is one of the main reason people are so desperate to root their Android Phone. They won't tell you dou, but this is the main Benefit Of Rooting Android Phone. Get to play Full High Definition games on your Rooted Android phone. e.g PES 2018 Android, Gangstar New oreals, e.t.c

Did You Know: 70% of rooted Android Phones can play PPSSPP Games without lag?

This is one of the best Rooting Advantages you will love. Even if an Android game was built for Android 6.0.1 and your Phone is 4.0, you can play the game with full support and in Hd if available. If you have doubt, try this on "Run Bot" Game.

Rooted Android Games

4. RAM Increase + Stop Running Apps

With a Rooted Android Phone, you can stop running apps on your Rooted Android Phone which will definatly increase your Phone RAM. There are various best root apps which you can use and stop them.

Note that there is no way to increase your Rooted Android Phone Ram, don't try any method you see online.

These are some Benefits Of Rooting Android Phone, keep reading, there are interesting ones below.

5. Install rooted android themes launcher

Get to install rooted android themes to increase your phone's productivity and display. Most of the best launcher for android lollipop requires root, which implies you can get them and aply them.

Did you know: With your Rooted Android Phone, you can install rooted apps themes on your phone and this will also affect not only the home screen but all aspect positively. Click HERE for More.

These launcher apps for the rooted android phone will customize android after root.

6. Delete Bloatwares

This is the last Benefits Of Rooting Android Phone will shall learn today. Another Rooting Advantages is to delete bloatwares.

Bloatwares are unwanted apps, pre-installed on your Android phone. Most of them comes from another app and get themsleves pre-installed. Let me now expanciate this Rooting Advantage for you.
I don't know if you have come across the recent Bloatware on your Android phone which shows some doller counting on your homescreen when you just unlocked your smartphone. They show you how much you have counted if you play the game. This is a bloatware which came from another app, i was able to remove mine without root, but with root, it is very easy. Some best Root apps to remove them are;

  • Uninstall Master
  • Root Explorer

So let's hope you make the right disision on either to Root or not. Know that rooting does not damage your phone if you know what your doing.

These are Rooting Advantages and Benefits Of Rooting Android Phone 2018. Hope you enjoyed my article, don't forget to share this to Facebook and also bookmark this post. Enjoy!


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