How To Change Boot Animation in Android Devices

Learn How To Change Boot Animation Of Your Android devices. This is a very cool and awesome trick to change android boot animation without error.

This is a manual method in which you have to download the boot animation file from the internet and then replace it with the one you have on your phone. You can search and download the boot animation from various online repositories.

Change Boot Animation Of Your Android devices

Custom Boot Animation Android Download TuT

1. Just make sure you download the correct resolution file. Most of the files that you download will be named as But if that’s not the case, rename the file and transfer it to your phone.

2. Now open ES File Explorer Apk and ensure you have enabled root explorer in its settings.

3. Navigate to the folder /system/media and you will find a file named

4. Rename it as This will help you to revert to stock animation in the future.

5. Having done that, paste the file that you downloaded from the internet to /system/media.

Change The Boot Animation On Android

Change The Boot Animation On Android

6. One last thing before you reboot would be to fix the file permission. Long tap on the new file and change the permissions to rw-r—r—and save the settings.

7. Now when you reboot your phone, you will have your new android boot animation ready for you.

So that was Change The Boot Animation On Android. Samsung users need to take some necessary precautions before trying out the trick. Also, note that you can't change boot Animation without Root.
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