How To Convert Facebook Profile To a Page 2019

Hi guys, today we have provided a working method to Convert your Personal Facebook Profile to a Business Page or Facebook Page. Many business companies still use their profile with a huge number of friends, so if you still want those friends to be among your followers and page Likes, then read on.
Convert Facebook Profile To Business Page

There are several steps to create a Facebook Page based on your Profile, but I will review only one method today and later we shall review the Version 2 of this post. But before then, let's check out the benefits of a Facebook Fan Page

Advantages & Benefits Of Facebook Fan Page

1. A Fan Page will be made public and available to Billions of Facebook users.

2. A Facebook page is totally free for now, so take your chances and create one.

3. You can have any user like and follow your page without being friends

4. You can schedule any post to post at any time.

5. Customize your Facebook page to match your users and attract them.

6. Have easy and direct conversations with customers and earn a higher badge for responding

7. Run Facebook Ads to reach new customers and users.

8. Share your Page with everyone while keeping your profile for family and friends.

9. Only Pages have access to tools that can help you earn money from your posts.

These are few features of a Facebook Fan Page, there are many more we can't just make mention of, if not you won't leave this site today

It is important for you to know that converting your Facebook Profile to Facebook Business or Fan Page is permanent and can't be reversed. So it is vital you make meditation and plans before migrating.

Now, let's now see the v1 of how we can permanently Convert our Existing Facebook Profile based on our Profile to a Facebook page. Now, all your Facebook Friends will become likes and followers.
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Convert Facebook Profile to Facebook Fan Page 2019

This is the basic and easiest method to convert Facebook Profile to the page. Pardon me for not using screenshots below.

1. Log in to your personal account

2. Head to Create a Facebook Page Based on Your Profile.

3. Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. Your new Page will automatically publish once the conversion process is finished. To change this setting, click to select Off next to Publish Page when done at the top.

Things to Know

1. Your profile's followers, friends and friend requests will get notified that you've created a new Page.

2. The profile followers you choose will automatically follow the new Page and will be removed from following your profile.

3. Friends and pending friend requests you select will automatically like and follow the new Page, and won't be removed from your profile.
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This is one way to change your Facebook Profile to Facebook Page 2018. We shall review another method soon. Thanks for coming and comment below for questions.


  1. Nice post.....thanks for the update.
    i just subscribed to your newsfeed for latest update.

  2. not remotely useful if trying to convert to a business page

  3. Will i lost my Facebook profile after convrting to page????

  4. Will i lost my fb account after convrting to a page?

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