Stop Facebook Spam Posts from Facebook Timeline

Have you heard of Facebook Spam Posts? I guess many know what this article talks of when seeing the word Facebook Spam. This post will teach you how to stop and remove Facebook Spam posts from Facebook Timeline.

Facebook Spam Posts

Facebook as we know and they can remove your post becuase it looks like spam to them. Sometime you might see that your Facebook is sending Spam to everyone. This is not new, i am also a victim.

There are precautions to take and Stop Facebook Spam Posts.

The best precaution now is to Report to Facebook and limit the information you share and what tool you use on your Facebook account.

Here are how to stop Facebook Spam Posts 2018.

1. Regularly Check and secure your account

2. Block any person or user you believe is sending spam.

3. Check for suspicious logins and devices

4. Check activity logs

5. Check your recent like and posts

6. And the best of all like I said is a report!

Doing this, you can be secure and free from Facebook Spam Posts on your Facebook Timeline and none of your posts will be considered spam on facebook.

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