5 Best Methods To Change Fonts Style In Android Without Root

Learn How to Download and Install a new Font in your Android Phone without Root 2019. Many have been looking for application or tricks to change font style in android phones but all they see online may seem hard or risky. Here I have listed 5 Best Methods To Change Font Style In Android Without Root.
change font style in android phone

These are selected font changer no root apk applications for Android. They are easy to use and with this apps, you can change KitKat fonts as well.

Font Installer Android (Font Download)

1. GO Launcher Apk Utilization

Go Launcher is one of the most used Android app for users to change font style in android phones. This app is available for download on Google play store and it is easy to use. You can easily change the font in android mobile without root using GO Launcher Fonts. 

All you have to do is download the style you like and the application, open the app and go to settings and choose any of your choices. When you choose, your font style in Android phone will change without root.

2. Using  iFonts App

This is another cool font changing apps for android without root that works without root access. The app works perfectly on other devices except for Samsung s8 with limitations, so kindly take note of this. Here is how to use this apk and change Fonts. 

  1. Download and install the application first and lauch the app.
  2. Now tap the download button and go to settings > Display > Font Style
  3. By now you should have downloaded the font you need from Online tab.
  4. On Font Style, tap on the one you need and apply it without root.

3. Change Fonts Style using System Settings

Another method is utilizing your system settings which have inbuilt Android Fonts. Some smartphones come with such feature. I can Change Fonts In Android Without Root using my Galaxy J7 from settings.

In general, all you have to do to check if your device supports this and apply is to get to settings > Display > Fonts > Download and apply. This will change system fonts in android without root

4. Font Changer No Root Apk

Font Changer No Root Apk is another nice method to change Fonts in Android. This application allows you to download any Font  Style you like and change it. It is very easy to use, download the Fonts, Install and Apply and see your new Font and emoji font android without root.

5. Change Fonts In Android Without Root Via Launcher Apps

This is the last but not the least, is using other Launcher Apps to change fonts Style in android without root. There are many online to use and might work more than your expectation.


  1. Pls any new method apart from these?

  2. Method 3 works seamlessly if the device have the support... I've been using it and its cool. Thanks for the info

  3. I try step 2 and i download the app if i select font of my Chou and enter to telegram the font will Chan to its normal

    1. Telegram Font can be altered only if the phone is capable of affecting third-party apps rather than just the system apps.

  4. The method 3 worked perfectly well for me..

  5. Fonts didnt change on my infinix hot 6

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