5 Best Android File Manager And File Explorer Apps 2018

    By default, every smartphone comes with a file manager which allows users to send, move, rename and delete files, with some many other features. But having a nice and good file manager Explorer apps that offers you with so many features you can think of. So this post will show you the best android file manager in 2018 for your Android smartphone.
    5 Best Android File Manager 2018

    With so many Android File Managers, it becomes difficult to know the best for your android phone. Why don't we see a list of some best 5 best android file manager 2018 latest edition?

    List of best file manager for Android Latest can be seen here. Choose any of your Top List and download them officially from Google Play store for free. These are all Free Android File Manager app. So here is a list of best 5 android file managers explorer:
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    1. ASUS File Manager

    ASUS file manager which ASUS developed is one of the best android sd card file manager. You can use this app on your SD or cloud. All other usable third-party apps are acceptable like; Google Drive, Microsoft OnDrive, and Dropbox apk. Nice features like; compress ZIP or RAR files. It works for all Android phones starting from 4.3 or higher.

    2. ES File Explorer

    ES File Manager Explorer app which is very popular with over 500 million users worldwide is highly recommended!. I personally use this app very well, in fact, it is the last manager app i will delete from my smartphone. I use the app to ZIP and RAR files. So many features included like Yandex, Dropbox, Google Drive and so on!

    One of the best features of this file manager for Android is that you can use the "Remote File Manager" settings which allows you to manage files on your device from your computer windows.

    - Free Download ES File Manager

    3. File Explorer

    File Explorer is another free android file manager app you can use without root. The app supports NFC - Touch both Android phones back to each other to transfer files to each other. The app also features WiFi-Direct.

    The multi-window feature is also available as well as drag-and-drop files from phone to pc and extracts RAR files. Like the free file explorer apps mentioned above, you can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage.

    - Download File Explorer from Google

    4.  AnTek Explorer

    Antek is not so popular but it is very cool for android phones. Features; Drag and Drop, browse root directory on your Android phone using this file manager. AnTek also allows you to view pictures, documents (doc and pdf ), music,e.t.c. Kindly download this file manager app for Android smartphone if you love it. But its pretty nice.

    - Antek Explorer apk Download

    5. Amaze File Manager

    Amaze android file managers best used by, Programmers and Ha.ckers because you can explore the ROOT folder of Android where you can perform the various tasks like tweaking in a build.prop file and changing boot animation screen of the smartphone. The app offers a feature to open source and its completely ads free and this is a file manager for android no ads.

    - Download Amaze File Manager apk


    6. Zarchiver App

    This app is used for unzipping game's like PSP Iso, Files, images and so on. This is the best File Explorer app for Games, we highly recommend Zarchiver for successful unzipping .

    - Download Here

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    In Conclusion: We have seen the list of some good file managers Android good for your Android device. these file managers can also be used on your Android Based Tablets. I hope these 5 Best Android File Manager 2018 Latest Edition and Explorer apps helps you to change your old file manager apps. Kindly comment and share!

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    1. My best is file exploreexplorer. Thanks for d list