How To Use Lucky Patcher For In App Purchases Without Root

Are you looking for a simple explanation on how to use Lucky Patcher? Here is a full tutorial on How To Use Lucky Patcher For In-App Purchases Without Root.

There are big differences in Root and Lucky Patcher Apk No Root. I want to clarify something to users who don't know.Lucky Patcher works without root.

Use Lucky Patcher For In App Purchases no root

Lucky Patcher gives you unlimited coins and unlimited money on an Android game. The difference on a rooted android phone is that if you patch the game, it will make its changes without you uninstalling and installing the game, whereas if it was on a normal android phone without root, you can Use Lucky Patcher For In App Purchases Without Root by doing the opposite. Now here is the full tutorial.

How To Use Lucky Patcher Apk No Root

1. First, download Lucky Patcher Apk No Root.

2.Install the app on your rooted or non-rooted android phone.

3.Open the Lucky Patcher app and click on update or leave it.

4. Now, click on any Android game

5. You will see "Open menu of patches" on it, click it.

6.Now click on create modified Apk

7. If there are any available custom patch, click it becuase it will make the patching easier for you. If not available, click on"Apk rebuild for InApp and LVL emulation".

8. Click on "Rebuild The App" and wait for it to finish patching (usually takes more than 3 minutes on big games)

9.If it shows patch pattern success on two out of four then the possibility of it patching is 99% but if it is only one, then it will be 44%, you should know what happens if none is a success

Now, if you are rooted, this is How To Use Lucky Patcher For In App Purchases. But for non-rooted devices, read on!

10. Click on Go to file location

11. Click on the file and Select Uninstall & install

12. You will be asked to uninstall, kindly do so and after that, don't install the app, just cancel it.

13.Now go to the modified apk and click on it and select install.

14.After installation, open the game and click on the coins with plus sigh

15. Now lucky patcher will pop up, you can select do this for all to make it easier for you.

16. Now click ok and have many coins as possible.

This is How To Use Lucky Patcher For In App Purchases Without Root



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